Vietnamese Crab Soup

(Súp cua) - Crab Soup is totally delicious, the flavor was so great. The combination of crab meat, chicken bones broth and eggs make this dish have a wonderful taste, if you eat it once, you will want to eat twice, third and more.
Vietnamese Crab Soup - Súp cua


- Crab meat: 100g 
- Chicken bones: 1 kg 
- Flour: 50g
- Egg: 1 
- Quail eggs hard boiled
- Salt, some sugar, sesame oil (if you like) pepper, cilantro, a piece of lee.


- Wash chicken bones, dip them in boiling water, and rinse thoroughly with cold water. 
Vietnamese Crab Soup - Súp cua
-Cook for about 3 liters of boiling water, drop chicken bones on pot and simmer, add a piece leek to cook. Cook small fire until about 1.5 liters of water. Take out chicken bones, skim foam to have pure broth.
Vietnamese Crab Soup - Súp cua
- Dissolve flour. 
- When the water is boiling, reduce the fire in small, and add the flour slowly, stirring the broth until it has a little analogy. Add eggs and stir quickly to become yarns. Add crab meat, 20 quail eggs hard boiled and seasoning MSG, salt, pepper, sugar to suit your taste. 
- Serve hot, sprinkled with cilantro and pepper (if you like, you can add little sesame oil).
Vietnamese Crab Soup - Súp cua
- Vietnamese usually use this amazing dish in party or celebrate special days like birthday and wedding. 
Vietnamese Crab Soup - Súp cua
However Crab soup also is sold on vendors with the cheap price, so it’s easy to find the place selling it. On the other, a dish is cooked by yourself is certainly more delicious than others cooking.
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