Vietnamese Fried Mixed Vegetable

Today, I will introduce Vietnamese Fried Mixed Vegetable (Thập cẩm xào chay) recipe. It requires only about 30 minutes to cook. It is Fried Mixed Vegetable.  
Vietnamese Fried Mixed Vegetable - Thập cẩm xào chay


1 carrot
200gr baby corn
4-5 shiitakes
100g peas
A few branches of scallion
Seasoning: soy sauce, sugar, salt, cooking oil, flour.


- Washed peas, cut, and removing thread on 2 sides of pea
- Washed corn, cut in half. Sliced carrots as small size
- Cut green onion for 0.5cm diagonal, soaking shiitakes and cut corners and slice it for 0.5cm

Fry Vegetable together.

- Add oil, garlic until fragrant (vegetarians do not eat garlic, so you should remove garlic,) then add baby corn and carrots on pan and stir well. You should use vegetable oil or soya oil, it is better for other ones for vegetarians.  
Vietnamese Fried Mixed Vegetable - Thập cẩm xào chay
- When baby corn, carrots were cooked, add peas and mushrooms on it. When fried, you should remember to add a little water to vegetables cooked evenly and without burning the pan. Finally, add green onion. Tasting seasonings, including soy sauce, salt, and sugar to suit your taste.
- Before you turn off the stove, sprinkle a little flour to the pan of vegetables. Doing so, it helps stir stick, sleek, eye-catching.
Vietnamese Fried Mixed Vegetable - Thập cẩm xào chay
- Serve Vietnamese Fried Mixed Vegetable with rice and vegetable soup. 
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