Vietnamese Kiem Sweet Soup recipe

(Chè Kiểm) - Kiem sweet soup is one of delicious Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian, also known as coconut sweet soup, or mixed fruit sweet soup.
Vietnamese Dessert Recipes - Chè Kiểm
Kiem Sweet Soup is made ​​from many different materials such as fruits, vegetables, and natural fruit which is good for health and particularly popular in hot summer.


- 1 or a haft pumpkin
- Some banana ripening
- 1/2 potatoes
- Dry coconut, sugar, salt.
- Some ginger leaves.


 - Sliced pumpkin in pieces
- Sliced bananas in half
- sliced potatoes to suit your taste
 - Chilled 3 things with a pinch of salt + 1 tablespoon sugar in 1 hour. 
Vietnamese Dessert Recipes - Chè Kiểm
- Add coconut syrup into the mixture of step 1, boiling them on the stove with small heat, tasting them slightly sweet.
- When get the pot down, add the coconut syrup in the mixture.
- Sprinkle sliced ginger on the surface of the pot.
- Serve with steamed rice and some others vegetarian dishes.

 - Kiem sweet soup is from the Mekong Delta, because this place has all kinds of fruit all the year. It is considered to be easy to cook and rich in the ingredients, depending on the interests of each person to cook for suit their taste. 
- Today, Kiem sweet soup always appears on the vegetarian menu in the temple not only in the South but also in the North. Moreover, many families flavored with this dish; one of stunning Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian, because they can cook it on the full moon, mosquito or daily day as a cooling sweet soup in the summer for family members.

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