Vietnamese Pumpkin Hot Soup recipe

Vietnamese Pumpkin Hot Soup ( Chao Bi Do ) contains many vitamins which are really good for health and beauty.


- Pumpkin: 300gr
- Sticky rice: ½ bowl
- sugar: ½
- Salt and almonds
Vietnamese Pumpkin Hot Soup recipe

- Soak Sticky rice in water at least 1 hour

- Peel the cover of Pumpkin, discard seed and slice it.

 - Pour Stick rice and sliced pumpkin into pot, add more water. The level of water doubles the level of stick rice and sliced pumpkin. Cook the mixture with small heat till it is well done. In this dish, one of good Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian, you can use Stew Pot to push the process quickly.

Vietnamese Pumpkin Hot Soup recipe
- Add a little salt and ½ bowl of sugar into pot

- When the mixture is cooked, you use spoon to mix sticky rice and sliced pumpkin together. Cook more 5 minutes and taste again to fix with your flavor. Add more almonds on the surface of soup. This is my favorite ingredient when cooking.
Vietnamese Pumpkin Hot Soup recipe
- Finally, you can serve Pumpkin Hot Soup for your family and friends. You can use it before eating main dishes.

According to traditional recipes in Vietnam, pumpkin has a sweetness and warmth which really good for some diseases as glycosuria, high blood pressure and inflammations.
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