Vietnamese Purple Yam Soup

(Canh khoai tím với thịt lợn xay) - Purple yam soup with grinded pork is one of my favourite Vietnamese Soup recipes. Eating with one hot rice bowl is so amazing, especially in cold days. I bet if you have family and kids, your children will love it.
Vietnamese Purple Yam Soup - Canh khoai tím


- Purplr Yam: 500gr
- Grinded Pork: 200gr
- Shrimps: 300gr
- Pinch of rice paddy herb and saw-leaf herb
- 2 cloves of spring onion
- 1 clove of garlic
- Pepper, salt, monosodium
- Fish Sauce.



Vietnamese Purple Yam Soup - Canh khoai tím
- Purple Yam: Peel off the cover, clean it. Next, mince it until get smooth.
- Spring Onion: Slice and separate white and greem parts.
- Garlic: Peel off the cover, and mince it
Vietnamese Purple Yam Soup - Canh khoai tím
- Herbs: Clean, slice small.
Vietnamese Purple Yam Soup - Canh khoai tím
- Shrimp: Peel off the cover, pull out the black lines, clean with cold water with a little salt. Mince it with pork, then add sliced white part of spring onion + minced garlic. Marinate salt + sugar + monosodium into mixture of pork and shrimp, then continue mince mixture until it becomes more tough.


- Boil 6 cups of water.
- Use spoon, soak into cold water and scoop each mixture of shrimp and pork, put into pot. (Continue for this process, sometime soak your spoon into cold water).
- Cooking about 5 – 10 minutes, pour purple yam into pot. Wait until it boils and add salt + sugar + monosodium + fish sauce to suit with your flavor. Turn off the heat. 
Vietnamese Purple Yam Soup - Canh khoai tím
- Scoop Vietnamese Purple Yam Soup into big bowl, add sliced of spring onion (green part) + saw leaf herb + rice paddy on the face of soup. Using when it is hot with rice will give you a strong flavor in mouth which you can not forget. 
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