Vietnamese Roasted Pork Recipe

(Heo quay) - Vietnamese Roasted Pork Recipe. It usually is the main dish on festivals, weddings or death anniversaries.
You can go to any restaurant in Vietnam to enjoy this dish. However, through making it by your hands always bring a different feeling for yourself and members in family. It is the happiness.


- Pork meat: 1kg
- Lemon juice : 1
- Minced garlic, sugar, salt, five spices powder


Vietnamese Roasted Pork Recipe
- Clean pork meat carefully. Boil water to hot and put pork meat into water. Switch 2 faces of meat frequently and cook about 20 minutes. After that, you throw away water, put pork meat on clean dish and prepare to marinate spices.

- Like many other Vietnamese Pork recipes, the process of marination always is important. Use knife to cut some lines on the face of pork meat. Mixed minced garlic, ½ teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 tablespoon five spices powder and marinate to pork meat. You can adjust to depend on your taste.

- Skin of pork: Use paper towel to absorb water on the surface of meat. Dust a little salt on the skin of pork, wait for 15 minutes. After that, sweep 1 layer of first water lemon and put in fridge about 1 hour. Repeat this process once more time.

- Turn on Oven with 250 degree about 20 minutes before put meat into. Then you grill one face of meat first in 30 minutes. When you see the skin of meat becomes bloat, reduce the heat to 220 degree and grill more than 30 minutes. From my experience, with 1kg meat pork, you can grill about 60 – 75 minutes.

- Finally, turn off the heat, take meat pork out of oven immediately. Wait to get cold and slice it. You can use Vietnamese Roasted Pork Recipe with Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi) or boiled rice is still delicious.
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